Bloody is a dark comedy podcast focused on infamous women throughout world history.

From murderers to women torturers, witches, thieves, con women, goddesses, the wrongfully convicted, mythological creatures, legendary heroines, infamous madames, Femme Fatales, and every type of black magic woman in between.

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Ep. 98: Big Bertha Heyman, The Confidence Queen

Summary Bertha Heyman was one of the best con artists in the US. The Cardi B of the 1800’s, Bertha criss crossed all over the country, conning “upstanding gentlemen” out of their money. She lived for the hustle, and macaroni in a pot. Thanks for listening, check out the Patreon for more content!

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Maria Felix Oviedo

Maria Oviedo is a writer and producer. When she’s not busy working, or spending time with her family, she’s worrying about the end of the world.

Lauri Roggenkamp

Lauri Roggenkamp is a comedian who has performed all over the world until two years ago. Now she records podcasts & drinks Oreos in milk to fill the void. Lauri loves true crime to a point where it’s like…what is she planning? The answer – you’ll see.

Kash Abdulmalik

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